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Player Protection

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Protect your future

Dont let things cause you financial pain.

As a professional player your body is your work tool, if you can’t play you can’t work. Unfortunately it’s a nature of your career that you have to put your career at risk every time you step onto the field.

With so many complex insurances around, its very important that you seek financial advice to make sure that you are getting the right cover to protect your most important asset…you.

Pro-Sport1 can provide independent advice on insurances such as Career Ending Insurance, Life Cover, Critical Illness Insurance and Personal Accident cover. We search the market to provide best advice based on price and policy cover. As well as having this wide access we can offer bespoke products designed especially for us.

Career Ending Insurance

The basis of a Career Ending Insurance Policy is a policy that compensates the policyholder in the event of an accident injury or illness that prevents him from continuing his career as a professional. The cover can either produce a lump sum and/or an income until the player is able to resume their sport.

Life Cover

A Life Insurance policy provides a lump sum of money for family members in the event of the policyholder’s death. It is primarily designed to help protect immediate family members and possibly other dependents from financial hardship by providing the means to pay off the mortgage on the family home and/or by providing money to the surviving spouse to maintain their standard of living.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump sum if the person insured is diagnosed with having one of the illnesses covered by the policy, these are typically around 35 illnesses listed including cancer and stroke.  The lump sum can be used to pay off a mortgage or provide financial support to the insured and their family during an extended period of treatment and convalescence.

Other Insurances

Through our partners we can also offer access to exclusive motor and home insurance.

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Player Protection

Don’t let an injury cause financial pain.

Football Players

Unlike many occupations, players working lives are short and it’s inevitable that every footballer will be faced with a career change at some point.

Rugby Players

Professional Rugby is a tough career by any standards so it’s important that you put all your focus into your performances.