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Player Pensions

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Plan for your future

As a professional football or rugby player it’s so important you start saving for the future. Unlike many occupations, your working life is short and it’s inevitable that every player will be faced with a career change at some point.

With this in mind it’s vital that you look at your pension planning today to secure your retirement tomorrow. Pensions can be very complicated and difficult to understand but they should form a large part of your retirement plan due to the tax advantages it has, especially for high earners such as professional players.

We can offer pensions from the whole market and we will treat every player as an individual. Our experience in the sports industry allows us to confidently advise on particular matters such as overseas players, existing pension schemes and tax planning. As well as the open market we also have access to an exclusive scheme set up especially for the playing community.  

The Pro-Football and Pro-Rugby Pension Scheme from Aviva has been specially created for you and contains a truly competitive and flexible pension plan along with valuable protection benefits not available from any other company. We are the exclusive distributors of this plan and can only be obtained through us.

Reasons why you should join:

  • Pension planning is really important for your future and the sooner you start, the better.
  • The Aviva Pro-Football and Pro-Rugby schemes have been put together specifically for professional players and contain additional protection against illness or injury not available from any other product provider.
  • The pension scheme is flexible and portable meaning it will always match your career path as a player and beyond into other professions.
  • You get tax relief at your highest rate meaning that up to half of your contributions could be paid for by the government.
  • You can protect your contributions in the event of injury without having to attend a medical.
  • You can cover against critical illness without the need for medical underwriting.
  • You can select from a wide range of Aviva and externally managed funds available to suit your investment strategy.
  • Scheme set up means your club already has their group arranged, you can move from club to club throughout the UK without needing to change the policy.
  • Access to a fully qualified advisor to talk through your options taking into account existing provisions and other assets.

We are proud of our growth and currently look after the pension arrangements of many top professionals and clubs, up to and including The Football Premiership and Premiership Rugby.

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Player Protection

Don’t let an injury cause financial pain.

Football Players

Unlike many occupations, players working lives are short and it’s inevitable that every footballer will be faced with a career change at some point.

Rugby Players

Professional Rugby is a tough career by any standards so it’s important that you put all your focus into your performances.