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Protecting the Clubs most important asset

Our corporate clients are very important to us and we understand that as a professional football or rugby club you are likely to need specialised financial advice.

The day to day running of a club can be extremely time consuming and urgent priorities will often take president over non immediate projects such as employee benefits and financial planning.

As a company we aim to relieve the burden associated with sorting out matters such as the clubs pension scheme, private medical insurance and group life cover.

Legislation has started to put a focus on employee benefits and in particular contributory workplace pensions. Pro-Sport1 specialises in corporate pensions and already runs the auto-enrolment programs for clubs of all sizes across the country including Premiership Football and Premiership Rugby clubs.

After an initial meeting to collect information about your requirements and current situation, our qualified advisors will be able to produce a proposal outlining your options and our recommendations to meet your specific needs.

We will ensure that any service provided becomes a positive enhancement to your benefits package, while supporting your clubs brand and values.

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    Club Pensions

    Pensions… they’re just about to become compulsory.

    Club Insurance

    Protecting the Clubs most important asset.