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What we do

Independent Financial Advice

As independent financial advisors we can select and advise on products from the whole market. This means that you can rest assured that you are getting the right advice for your given circumstances. As well as these products available to other firms we can offer exclusive plans from some of the UK’s largest financial institutions.

We invest in up to date systems and processes to ensure that we offer the very best research and products available. It’s important to us that we are capable of servicing our clients regardless of shape and size.

Club advice

As a football or rugby club you are likely to have specific needs and unique circumstances. The day to day running of a club can be extremely time consuming and urgent priorities will often take president over things like employee benefits and financial planning.

However changes in legislation are making pensions compulsory, this will mean that unless you already have a qualifying scheme you will have to take action.

As a company we aim to take away the burden associated with sorting out matters such as the clubs pension scheme, private medical insurance and group life cover.

We will ensure that our services become a positive enhancement to your employee benefits package, while supporting your clubs band and values.

Player Advice

As a professional player its hard to know what type of financial products you need and indeed if they are going to be suitable. Having dealt with many professionals we know that every person is different.

Some players will be starting their career while some will be nearing the end of theirs, our goal is to provide the right solution at the right time. We can arrange a number of different service’s including Pensions, QROPS, Injury Insurance, Mortgages and Life Cover.

We also have exclusive player products such as the Aviva Pro-Football and Pro-Rugby pension plans, which contain benefits not available to other advisors.

As a player client you will be treated as an individual, so no matter what club or nationality you are; our advisors will be able to help.

Staff and Private Advice

If you work for a club or you would just like financial advice from a professional firm then Pro-Sport1 can help.

Life is full of surprises and the needs of individuals can change from one moment to the next. As a client you will be assigned a fully qualified advisor to look after you throughout the relationship with us and they will provide you with any aspect of financial planning you may require.

So whether you are an employee of a club that has a pension with us or if you are after some life cover to protect a loved one; we will advise on a plan to suit your needs.

Exclusive Products

At Pro-Sport1 we pride ourselves on finding unique solutions for our clients. We have been chosen to provide exclusive specialist plans from the UK’s leading insurers and the Lloyds Insurance market.

These products include club pension schemes, player pension schemes, group critical illness insurance and career ending insurance.

We offer

  • Independent Advice
  • Club Advice
  • Player Advice
  • Staff Advice
  • Exclusive Products


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