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Club Insurance

Protecting the Clubs most important asset

With any club their most important asset is their staff and especially their players.

As a professional club you will no doubt have various policies in place, but it’s hard to know if you have the right cover for your needs. Insurance can be a very complex matter and without reading the fine detail you never know if your receiving good value for money. There is even a risk that you are paying for something that you don’t need, or even worse that you are not covered for that all important asset.

We provide advice on a wide range of cover with the most common being private medical insurance, income protection and Group life insurance.

Group Private Medical Insurance

Company Medical Insurance provides your employees with access to private healthcare so they can be sure that they will receive treatment when they need it most. Statistics show that many people suffer long term ill health during their working life.

Given this risk staff see private medical insurance as an extremely valued benefit, positively assisting with recruitment and retention. As well as being welcomed by employees the club can benefit, as it will help staff get back to work sooner after suffering ill health. This in turn will reduce absentees and increase productivity.

As a professional club you also have a very sensitive community in the players. If one or a number of these key assets get injured then it’s very much in the clubs interest to get these individuals treated in the most effective way possible and with the highest standards of pre and post treatment care.

Group cover for these members of staff involves consideration of complex terms and conditions, so it is essential that the club receives expert guidance on what cover is in place as well as alternatives available. Our expertise in the player area will mean that you get the very best advice from an experienced team.

Income Protection Insurance

Group Income Protection insurance is designed to help you manage long term sickness absence from the club. By providing an income for employees who are unable to work as a result of illness or injury, you are able to financially support them through what can be an emotionally and financially difficult time.

Income protection is seen as a huge employee benefit and it also ensures that your company is not left to fund long absences of leave. Our expertise in the industry will ensure you obtain appropriate cover and ensure the most competitive premium rates from the largest insurers.

Group Life Cover

A group life insurance policy is often one of the first benefits a club will introduce. It is designed to provide financial protection to an employee’s loved ones should the worst happen.

A tax free lump sum is paid promptly to their beneficiaries should a member of staff die whilst in service. Although Life assurance is a very simple and low cost product in its design, its seen as a valuable benefit to the employees. This can be crucial in attracting high calibre people to the club. Once we have basic information, we can search the market for the right cover with the very best commercial terms.

Other Insurance

You can get insurance policies for pretty much anything, but we know it’s foolish to think that you can be an expert in all the insurances a club may need. That’s why we have teamed up with Bluefin Sport to provide our clients with additional areas of cover specifically designed for the industry. Through them we have added additional services such as professional indemnity, Stadia insurance, public and products liability and employers liability. Please see our partners page for more Bluefin Sport information.


Our insurance review analyses the gaps you may have in protection looking at current cover against alternative policies which are available. We scrutinize the premium the club is paying and the cover provided, then go to the leading insurers and the Lloyd’s market for the very best terms.

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Club Pensions

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