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Club Pensions

Working with you on your Club’s pension scheme

Pro-Sport1 specialises in corporate pensions and already runs the auto-enrolment programs for clubs of all sizes across the country including Premier League Football and Premiership Rugby Clubs.

Most Football and Rugby clubs were obliged to put in place a workplace scheme sometime in 2013 and 2014. It’s compulsory to have a proper scheme in place…however there are many choices and decisions to be made to ensure the chosen solution is the best for the Club and it’s staff. Moving into 2019 the focus is shifting from scheme start up to making the most of the pension scheme in terms of employee benefits. 

How can we help?

 Based on our work with existing clients the main hurdles we can help your club overcome are;

  • Providing advice on an optimum solution, whether it is a current scheme or searching the market for a new ‘qualifying’ plan.
  • Design and production of appropriate communication materials for all employee groups.
  • Linking of your payroll system with the chosen providers back office system.
  • Putting in place robust compliance and audit tracking and monitoring.
  • Providing an opportunity for all staff access to independent financial guidance on the pension in place.
  • Relieving club staff of the administration burden associated with the day to day running of a large pension scheme.

After an initial meeting to capture your clubs current situation, we prepare a bespoke proposal outlining your choices and options. Our end goal is always to keep our client in control without having to use up their vital time and financial resources. 

The Importance of financial advice

We know that the most highly valued service that can be offered to the employees is the opportunity to discuss their private concerns and queries regarding their own retirement needs. Its unlikely that the club will want to be burdened with having to advise their employees on the suitability of their chosen scheme, and the staff can be comfortable in the knowing that they have received professional advice.

The Exclusive Aviva Pro-Sport Schemes

At Pro-Sport1 we are privileged to say that as well as products available to other firms from across the market we can provide a unique solution to our professional football and rugby club clients. Following an extensive selection and due diligence process Aviva announced that it would be providing a bespoke pension arrangement exclusively through Pro-Sport1.

This scheme has been designed with the clubs and players ever changing circumstances in mind. The product contains benefits not available from any other financial advisor or insurance company and will provide real value to your business.

Club Insurance

Protecting the Clubs most important asset.

Staff Pensions

If your club is a member of the exclusive Aviva scheme